Road Building

Morgan's experience is sound in the construction of temporary and permanent all-weather access roads for the resource industry.

Road building begins with logging as necessary. We salvage timber, recognizing its value to cost recovery of the project. We complete site drainage as required, and our road building services include the installation of culverts, the application of geotextiles and aggregate, and soil compaction according to detailed specifications. We will use borrow pits or common materials as the project requires.

For roads that need to travel over creeks or other water sources, Morgan is experienced in bridge construction and can assess, build and maintain temporary or permanent brides as required. As much of our experience is in remote areas, we also onstruct safe, temporary airstrips-often in challenging locations-to support client projects.

It is our mandate to complete construction according to all engineer specifications, government safety and environmental regulations. We are proud of our record to meet deadlines and meet budgets.

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