Pipeline Breaks

In the resource and industrial industries, pipeline breaks and tank leaks tend to be common occurrences, which are usually due a compromise in the integrity to the pipeline or tank. The success in controlling or mitigating the impact of a release is based on the ability to respond to the occurrence as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Morgan is highly experienced in quickly responding to these types of occurrences with a goal making every effort necessary is minimizing the impacts due to a release. Morgan provides 24/7 Emergency Response services to variety of clients.

Following the initial clean-up phase from the spill response, Morgan works closely with our clients to develop a remedial action plan that is best suited for the project. Following the development of this action plan, Morgan will execute remediation activities. Morgan is highly experienced in working around both active and non-active pipelines. Typically, we will excavate the contaminated soils adjacent too and below the pipeline using a specialized excavation attachment to ensure that no contact is made with the pipeline at anytime. Following the completion of excavation activities, the excavation can be carefully backfilled and the site can then be reclaimed back to equivalent land-use capability.


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