Earth Dams / Canal Construction

Morgan’s experience includes irrigation canal rehabilitation and the construction of earth dams throughout Southern Alberta. The stringent specifications and QA/QC requirements demand a first class contractor with the experience to complete these types of projects. Whether it’s lined canals with armoured slopes or earth dam embankments, the careful placement of embankments is required to ensure grade tolerances are met and compaction specifications are achieved.

The stringent grade requirement of this type of construction is achieved with great success using Trimble GPS machine-controlled equipment. Once Morgan has the complete electronic design model of the site, we are able to transfer the data into the machine-controlled equipment. The machine then automatically manages the blade edge to ensure the work is left on-grade. The use of this equipment has become a requirement by some canal owners because the GPS machine-controlled equipment leaves it on-grade and in a much quicker timeframe than conventional methods. This equipment is also very successful for any type of grading project that is designed prior to construction.

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