ARVE Ex-Situ Soil Remediation

Gone are the days of treating contaminated soil by volatilizing constituents to the atmosphere. As a steward for the responsibility of the environment, Morgan recognizes importance that good science and technology are the basis to ensuring innovative solutions are available to our clients when needed.

Recently, Morgan developed the Active Release Vapour Extraction (ARVE™) ex-situ soil remediation CLEAN-TECH technology for the primary purpose of onsite treatment of soils containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The ARVE™ technology, also known as shredding without screens, is a 4-step soil pulverisation process that physically enhances soil volatilization within a treatment chamber fitted with an engineered vapour capture system which extracts and treats released VOCs formerly trapped within the soils matrix prior to releasing the treated air to atmosphere.

Initially the ARVE™ technology was designed for mitigating the volatilization of VOC to the atmosphere when breaking down soil. However, other market opportunities have presented themselves to allow for the soil shredding unit to be used for:

  • Incorporation and thorough mixing of amendments to soils.
  • Screening of debris from soils.
  • Enhance bio-remediation of soils containing hydrocarbons (F1, F2, F3 and F4).
  • Soil homogenisation.
  • Soil drying.



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