Site C – In River Environmental Earthworks

Excavation, In-River Excavation and Road Building

Fort St. John, BC


Unit Rate

Oil & Gas

Project Summary:

  • Rural, steep gullies and variable terrain, in-river works within the Peace River valley including road construction and earthworks grading.
  • 168 workers and 90 pieces of equipment at peak.
  • 360,289 man hours.
  • Excavation of 750 k cubic meters of material from in-river borrow sources for road construction and aggregate production.
  • Construction of 2 km of in-river site access roads and a bridge abutment.
  • Design-Build of 2.4 m square concrete box culvert and temporary creek diversion system.
  • Production and placement of roadway aggregates including sub-base, base, and filter layer gravels.
  • Production and installation of riprap ranging from 10 kg to 500 kg.
  • Supply and installation of CSP culverts and construction of drainage features including ditches, cisterns, and stilling basins.
  • Excavation and storage of potential acid generating shales including the construction of a clay containment liner with HDPE cover.
  • Stripping of organics and subsoil to on-site stockpiles. Re-loaming and hydroseeding of road back slopes.
  • Completion of work using GPS survey layout and machine grade control.

Challenges and Achievements:

  • Project completed on schedule despite winter construction challenges.
  • Required to manage important contract milestones and turnover dates to subsequent project contractors.
  • Quality of the work to date met or exceeded the contract specifications.
  • Creation and implementation of quality control, quality assurance, and quality management plans.
  • Adherence to all regulatory and environmental requirements to mitigate the effects on surrounding landscapes and watercourses.
  • Manage sensitive monitoring and testing requirements and unique challenges involved with construction operations within the Peace River.


  • All North – Design of temp. water management and pipe structure.
  • Langley Concrete – Design and supply of concrete box culvert.
  • Triton Environmental – Environmental monitoring.
  • SGS Canada Inc. – Soils testing and quality control.
  • Rbee Crushing – Aggregate and riprap production.
  • Wilson Concrete – Manufacture and install concrete roadside barriers.

Site Safety Stats

Total Recordable Incidents0