Pond Construction

Topsoil Stockpile, Hauling, Grading, Import of Gravel, and Liner Support

60 km south of Grande Prairie, AB


Lump Sum

Oil & Gas

Project Summary:

Performing the early civil works on reservoir which included:

  • Topsoil movement to stockpile.
  • Hauling approx. 300,000 m3 of common excavation material to designated stockpile.
  • Grading of site to rough grade.
  • Import of gravel to laydown area.
  • Piling of pipe supports.
  • Providing the liner support as required.
  • Concrete install to sump area.
  • Installation of HDPE pipework for inlet and outlet works.
  • Installation of subdrain trenching and pipework for subdrain system.
  • Ditching and erosion control measures installed; check dams, silt fencing.
  • Culvert installation.
  • Placement of concrete barriers within facility.

Key Equipment Used on the Project:

  • 2 x 390 Excavators
  • 350 Excavator
  • 290 Excavator
  • 10 x 40t Rock Trucks
  • 3 x 30t Rock Trucks
  • 2 x D6 Dozers with GPS
  • 1 x D6T Dozer
  • 1 x D8T Dozer
  • 16M GPS Grader
  • 3 x 84” Packers (Smooth and Padfoot)
  • 1 x 950K Loader

Challenges and Achievements:

  • Work encountered some seepage through slope which required additional drainage blanket and subdrain trenching to divert to subdrain system.
  • MCEL worked collaboratively with client to achieve an acceptable solution for the issue in a timely manner. MCEL performed well and completed the earthworks on time and provided support to client liner sub-contractor.
  • The weather presented issues for later part of project with slower productions for liner subcontractor. The project was successfully and safely completed in a timeframe satisfactory to client.


  • Sandale Utility Products worked on fusion of HDPE pipe
  • Priority Chainlink Ltd. for security fencing
  • Pilemaster & Bridge Inc. for piles

Site Safety Stats

Total Recordable Incidents0