Highway 2 Interchange

Civil Infrastructure Earthworks

High River, AB

April 2012 to October 2012

Unit Rate

Graham Construction

Infrastructure & Transportation

Project Summary:

Earthworks construction of abutment, ramps, and road embankments associated with the construction of the new interchange at Hwy 543 and Hwy The work is located on the north edge of High River, Alberta on Hwy 2.

  • Stripping of topsoil and subsoil from within the grading area
  • Replacement of topsoil and subsoil over new road and ramp slopes.
  • Supply and install of CSP pipe runs assisting overall site drainage plan.
  • Excavate and haul approximately 120,000 m3 of common excavation from within the cut to fill and ditch cut excavations.
  • Supply and placement of geogr’id’ and non-woven geotextile materials to stabilize road sub grade.
  • Excavated and fine graded slope protection under the bridge structure and abutments.
  • Supplied and backfilled bridge abutments with granular materials and weeping tile for drainage.
  • Performed tree removal and clearing activities within site boundaries.
  • Performed GPS survey layout and staking for all aspects of construction.
  • Excavation of two borrow sources equalling 490,000 m3 of excavated material. Included reclamation of the two borrow sources to Alberta Environment requirements.

Challenges and Achievements:

  • Project was completed within the tight timeframes required for overall interchange completion. This was achieved by the careful preconstruction planning and resources allocation required to achieve the interim grading completions.
  • The required productions were achieved by completing the projects by hauling simultaneously to both the east and west sides of the interchange from two borrows.
  • The project was completed to achieve the rigorous Alberta Transportation specifications for density (up to 100% SPDD, grade tolerance) 40mm and proof roll acceptance (zero deflection).
  • All work was completed within the road right of way of Hwy 2 with more than 30,000 vehicles per day, without an incident.

Site Safety Stats

Total Recordable Incidents0