Fort McMurray Mass Demolition


Fort McMurray, AB


Unit Rate

Project Summary:

  • Morgan Construction and Environmental demolished 906 homes in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo as a result of the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. The site is located approximately 400 km north east of Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Approximate quantities of work completed were:
    • 906 homes demolished.
    • 2,900 tonnes of steel removed for recycling.
    • 60,000 tonnes of ash removed.
    • 1,040,000 tonnes of concrete removed for recycling.
    • 906 shallow utility disconnections including gas, power, cable and telephone.
    • 540 deep utility disconnections including water, storm and sanitary services.
    • 456 basements backfilled
  • Equipment utilized on the project consisted of:
    • 23 track excavators
    • 4 skid steers
    • Up to 60 highway tractors with end dump trailers
    • Water trucks
    • Up to 120 personnel
  • Separate inspections were required on each lot at various hold points during the demolition. These hold points included:
    • Ash removal
    • Utility disconnections
    • Concrete removal
    • Final cleanup
    • Backfill

Challenges and Achievements:

  • Working with numerous shareholders on a short time frame presented some unique challenges. Shareholders included:
    • Individual demolition permit requirements
    • Regional District of Wood Buffalo (RMWB)
    • Engineering firm
    • 18 insurance companies
    • 906 homeowners
    • Special safety requirements, dust and schedule pressures combined with personal loss for homeowners made this a very emotional project.


Morgan crews worked 57,000 man hours to complete the project. Crews were required to wear Tyvec Haz Mat suits and ½ mask respirators at all times.

Site Safety Stats

Total Recordable Incidents0