Construction of 4 Multi-Well Pads

Final Grade, Clay Subgrade, and Winter Construction Phase

17 km North of Conklin, AB



Oil & Gas

Project Summary:

Construction of 4 multi well Pads (2 to final grade, 1 to clay subgrade, 1 winter construction phase), construction of approximately 5.6 km of access roads, maintenance and road repairs, 1 pad extension & re-alignment of existing road, and additional break in work.

Work Included The Following:

  • Hauling and stockpiling topsoil and subsoil stripping and loading, hauling, and placing topsoil on cut slopes as required.
  • Loading, hauling, placing, shaping, and compacting clay borrow material and gravel material to pad and access roads.
  • Borrow pit management, overburden removal, development, and contouring.
  • Installation of geotextiles, geogrid, coconut matting, turf matting and other erosion control devices.
  • Install culvert and rip rap on access roads.
  • Seeding of stockpiles and cut slopes.
  • Site maintenance and existing road repairs on main road with traffic congestion.
  • Drone flights.
  • 145,000 m3 cut-to-fill.
  • 250,000 m3 borrow clay placement
  • 22,000 m3 gravel – not including strategic road maintenance.
  • 55,000 m3 stripping.
  • 115, 000 m3 overburden removal.
  • 300 lm culvert installation.

Key Equipment Used on the Project:

  • 670 Excavator
  • 650 Excavator
  • 336 Excavators
  • 1-329 Excavators
  • D9 Dozer
  • D8 Dozer
  • D6 Dozers
  • 627 Motor Scrapers
  • Motor-graders
  • Rock Trucks (30 and 40T)
  • Graders
  • 815
  • Smooth Drum
  • Pad-foot Packers
  • Water Buggy
  • Water Trucks

Challenges and Achievements:

  • Management of winter, fall, spring and summer construction challenges and weather conditions meeting key completion dates for turnover.
  • L Access Road construction over muskeg and working through break-up to meet project deadlines.
  • Realignment of main road requiring traffic control and strategic construction execution.
  • Multiple simultaneous activities during construction of Pad AT.
  • Maintaining completed access road for heavy haul traffic.
  • Construction execution revised for below optimal clay material in provided pit.
  • Limited Road on long haul to Pad AH and access road.

Site Safety Stats

Total Recordable Incidents0