Indigenous Partnerships

Often the work of Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. is done through partnerships-either joint ventures or working agreements-with First Nations. Morgan values these past and present partnerships. We believe the long-term nature of our Indigenous relationships is a good indicator of our performance in partnerships.

Morgan respects diverse cultures and appreciates the spirituality and strong ties to the land held by Indigenous peoples. We continually strive to enter each project with sensitivity toward the community in which we are working placing special emphasis on the training of Morgan’s field personnel in Indigenous affairs, concerns, needs and expectations. Wherever possible, we ensure a liaison person is in place.

Morgan has an operating culture that demonstrates our committment to, and inclusion of, Indigenous peoples in our business activities. With this in mind, we actively recruit, train, and mentor workers in all aspects of our business. As well, we seek synergies by working with industry and government participants operating in the community to leverage educational programs.

Ongoing and proactive programs yield local opportunities for First Nations peoples and assist in establishing self-sustainability through employment, education, business, and community involvement.



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