Health and Safety

Safety is more than a priority at Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd.-it is an important part of our culture. We believe a well-trained workforce is to the mutual benefit of client and employer, and we feel our exemplary safety statistics speak for themselves.

Morgan is committed to safety excellence by providing well trained and knowledgeable supervisors that lead safety efforts in the field while being supported by a dedicated Health and Safety team, both in the field and at the corporate office. Our values for safety and responsibility are integrated throughout the company from our President to the workers operating our equipment. Morgan understands the importance of line management being responsible for the safe execution of work and ensuring our workers have the tools to work safely. That is way we ensure all our supervisors have the skills and training needed to provide on site safety leadership.

Morgan has created and implemented several safety tools designed to allow us to meet or exceed regulatory and client requirements. Our systems include a strong focus on behavior-based safety, pre-job planning and root cause analysis. If desired, we can adapt our processes to follow a client’s safety program, provided it meets our own strict standards.



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