Community & Environment

Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. believes in its communities and is committed to giving back. We place a great deal of emphasis on the local economy: purchasing locally, using local services, and providing local employment. Morgan continually strives to enter each project with a sensitivity toward the community in which we are working. In addition, we pride ourselves in our ability to contribute-through sustainable employment, training, and profit-sharing,-to socially-sound communities. Where possible, we seek synergies by working with other industry and government participants operating in the community to leverage educational programs.

Morgan has developed ongoing, proactive Local Community Affairs Development Programs. We support various local charitable organizations. Especially evident is Morgan’s genuine concern for children and youth: Morgan supports northern Alberta’s Stollery Children’s Hospital and a variety of minor league sports.

The executive management of Morgan names safety as the highest priority of its business activities. Together with the on-going training program of the company’s staff and employees in upgrading both occupational, safety, and technical skills we strive to meet our safety goals and promote a safe working environment. While a well-trained workforce is to the mutual benefit of the client and the employer, it is even more important to the community and its families.

Morgan recognizes the need to protect the environment and the communities in which we operate. We make every effort to ensure the best environmental practices: from recycling paper to reusing oil to fuel our shop heaters. We avoid the use of toxic substances wherever possible, and ensure that our jobsites are clean and safe.

Morgan is proud of its experience operating in local communities.



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